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VE3PRC/VE3TDS Link Proposal

A proposal between the GTA West ARES Packet Working Group, the Southern Ontario Packet Radio Association, Inc. (SOPRA) and the Peel ARC Inc. is currently under review to install one of SOPRA's 220MHz link radio at the VE3PRC (Brampton, ON) node site that would act as switch between VE3INF (Acton, ON)  and VE3CON (Weston, ON)

The VE3PRC node site would be a good candidate location to put VE3TDS (Brampton, ON) formerly on 145.010 MHz back on the air as the Toronto District Switch for the Greater Toronto Area West area.   Under the current proposal the node VE3PRC would remain as the user port on the frequency 145.010 MHz and SOPRA will provide and maintain the node stack infrastructure and high speed link radio.

ACTON:VE3INF (145.050 MHz)

It has a been a few years since SOPRA's mail server MAIL:VE3INF has been on the air serving the Georgetown and surrounding area.   Well VE3INF is back and now running JNOS from the new QTH in Acton, ON.  Both VE3INF and VE3YAP are sharing an antenna thanks to a recently re tuned duplexer.  

The VE3INF BBS/GATEWAY has joined the ARRL Skipnet and is now operational sending traffic at 300 bps.   This expands VE3INF's BBS forwarding beyond the BBS forward path to VE3CON in Toronto. 

Tests linking from the VE3INF site to VA3BAL in Ballentrae via VA3BAL's user port were very successful.   It has been proposed that we build a backbone link path between the two sites to expand BBS Forwarding paths.  No time line for this network expansion has been discussed yet.   Stay tuned!

VE3YAP (APRS on 144.930 MHz)

The VE3YAP APRS node has been relocated to its new QTH in Acton, ON. 

WESTON:VE3CON (145.030 MHz)

The VE3CON BBS has added additional AXIP and NETROM links to the following AMPRnet gateway machines: VE3INF in Acton, VE3LHZ in Oshawa, WA7V in Washington and AA6HF in California.  This expands on the previous AXIP and NETROM link that included: VE3CGR in York Region, KA0MOS/VE1 in Nova Scotia, VE7TSI in British Columbia and VE3MCH in Hamilton.

The network link between VE3CON and VE3INF has been down for a few years now due to the lost of the 220 MHZ backbone links between VE3INF <=> VE3TDS <=> VE3PKG <=>  VE3CON.   Discussions have been on going to re-establish the network and a proposal was forwarded to the GTA West ARES Packet Working Group.

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